Anyone and everyone is welcome, please sign up below to confirm attendance which helps us plan for numbers.

I am using Jaie's location as per usual (thanks again Jaie).

The location is across the road from the Unanderra Pools, and above Wollongong Roller Shutters. We have access to a large air conditioned open plan office area to play board games.

Unanderra train station is within walking distance There is a bus stop out the front on the highway. There is plenty of parking after 6pm.

There are no snack facilities, although there is a nearby Seven Eleven. There are can's of soft drink available for purchase on site, and you are welcome to BYO snacks and drinks.

If you have a game that you want to play, you can add it to the list below. If you are not sure what to bring for others, players can vote on what games other's are bringing to help you decide.

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