Want to play some games? What a coincidence, so do we! Come and play with us...

Woonona Board Games is a group for those interested in modern board and card games. We play all sorts: abstract strategy and adventure games, party games and prizewinning Euros, quick fillers as well as longer games. There are literally dozens of board games brought for choice. Games are chosen by consensus, and may be short or long, and only some of those played recently are listed. Usually there are multiple tables of multiple people playing board or card games. We're an all-ages group - do feel free to bring along family and friends.

We offer a friendly, welcoming space for everyone, with dozens of games to choose from every fortnight.

If this sounds like your cup of chosen hot beverage, come along! Bring a game of your own, bring a friend, or travel solo; we don't bite (unless it's part of a game). We meet fortnightly, 7pm. And is held at the Woonona Baptist Church 477 Princes Hwy Woonona :- on the Eastern side of the Highway, come to the southern side entrance up the ramp. Donations to the Baptist church where this is held are accepted.

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