Connecting Friends

Roll for Group

Meet Up & Play Board Games

Meet Up With Local Gamers, Organise Your Game Group and Play Board Games Offline

"I've found Roll for Group to be a great tool for: Scheduling game days, getting previously unplayed games to the table, meeting new gamers, and basically organising all of the above."

~ Tod De Clouett

Schedule Game Day

Host and be notified of local board gaming events. From tournaments, to your friendly local board game store meetup, to an ad-hoc event at a friends house that needs one more player.

Meet New Local Players

Meet up with different local board gamers each week and make new friends and find new gamers for your game group.

Get Unplayed Games Played

Roll for Group matches games you own with games nearby players can want to play. Find games you own that other players want to play.

"I have been using Roll for Group since it started and was able to find various new players of all levels and ages. The website is helpful for finding people who have the same level of interest in a particular game to play with. I often host a game and find myself meeting one or two new people every week. I love to see the group grow and this could be the future of board game meetups."

~ Adrian Chew

A great way to start playing board games.

Beginner Friendly

Most hosts come prepared to teach new player the rules. With so many games available, many players are trying a game for the same time, so don't worry if you don't know how to play.

Meet New People

Playing board games is a social experience to meet new people. On Roll for Group you will meet other people who share an interest in modern boardgaming, in a relaxed setting and friendly atmosphere.

For Busy Gamers

Roll for Group organises the number of players, games to be played and time frame ahead of time.

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Arkham Horror The Card Game
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Space Exploration
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